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By June 9, 2018June 27th, 2018Expressions of Interest
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    If you wish to make a booking, please contact the office to check availability on 1800 642 420.
    If available, please complete this booking form and return with your deposit.
    You can email the form to [email protected]
    Please see here for our terms and conditions

    Person 1:

    Do you have one of our name badges: YesNo

    Person 2: (if applicable)

    Do you have one of our name badges: YesNo

    Room type: (please tick): Double (1 bed)Twin (2 beds)Single

    Medical Information or Special requirements (please advise if you have any medical
    conditions including dietary, disability or other need we should be aware of)

    Emergency contact information: In case of emergency on tour who should we contact?

    I have read and understood the booking conditions as detailed on the itinerary.

    I have enclose the deposit required per person. If tour cancel’s Makehams Coaches will refund any money WE get back from attractions / accommodation etc.

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